Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Let’s hope Impossible is Nothing for Agent 0 visit

It is no longer a rumor that Agent 0, better known in the NBA as one of the most eccentric, colorful and cocky players the league has ever seen - Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards.

The showers during haftime breaks and his regular rantings in the blogosphere about other teams, players and himself is very well documented.

In a recent conversation with Adidas Philippines Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager, Ms. Odette Velarde, "Mr. Arenas has been scheduled to visit Manila this July (2008)". She also added, "that no itinerary has been set for his visit". I asked Ms. Velarde if Mr. Arenas will grace an Ateneo - La Salle game since the league schedule has been projected, though still subject to change, to have this rivalry unfold another time this July 6, 2008, she said that Mr. Arena's will likely drop by and grab a seat to watch the Blue Eagles and Green Archers go at it in the 1st round of the elimination series.

The Blue Eagles and the Green Archers will be officially outfitted by Adidas. The La Salle and Ateneo Community can also buy their favorite Tees and jackets under the Adidas brand. Branding and school spirit will now be part of a whole new tradition.

The buzz about his arrival has been reported by the print media some months ago. But Ms. Velarde cautioned that the anticipation might, and we hope not, turn into an utter disappointment. These are million dollar babies we are talking about. With their high aptitude for the game of basketball, aside from their family, Corporations, Organizations, and a Franchise depend on them for their appeal, persona and for what they stand for. So any domestic problems we encounter might affect the outcome of the planned event.

Ms. Velarde cited the initial plans of Tracy McGrady's visit to the country. Although T-Mac's sojourn pushed thru, his visit was marred by speculation and doubt on T-Mac's safety in the country once he sets foot on Philippine soil that is why . For now, much like a party, its better to surprise ourselves that plan for a well executed festival.

From Zero to hero is Gilbert Arena's main theme. Even before he got drafted in the NBA, Agent 0 has struggled throughout his career. He had to prove to himself and to everybody that he was the real deal. That is why during his visit here, he is also scheduled to meet with kids to give hope and inspiration to pursue their dream no matter what the obstacle. Impossible is Nothing.

In T-Mac's case, his was defaced with a potential Mayon Volcano explosion so Sebastian Telfair had to take his place, but better late than never, T-Mac had a great time during his stay here.

So far the sky is clear for Agent 0 to land safely in Manila. Unless a sleeping giant of a problem awakens, but until then, we will wait with great expectations.