Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Isla - a beach bar and restaurant within city limits

ISLA. Situated along Pasong Tamo, in Makati City, is no ordinary bar and restaurant. It is a place were you can be transported to a place that best represents our veneration, our natural connection, our kindred relationship with the oceanfront.

A bar away from the hustle and flurry of our day engagement with stressful living. It is a place were you can simply unwind and relax under a cozy arrangement of your favorite hangout by the beach.

Check out the images, aint this awe-inspiring. The whole area is covered by Palawan Sand.

Enjoy the perfectly fried and crunchy Calamares. And a fitting treat to Onion Lovers - Isla's Onion Rings -crispy fried until golden brown. Eat up and Drink with you favorite beer San Miguel Lite, your regualr Pale Pilsen, San Miguel Premium, and a large selection of bar and cocktail drinks and ....Fruit Shakes. There's Isla's juicy Native Lechon Manok, and other grilled varieties.

Unreel, Unfurl, Uncoil, Unwrap, Untwine, breathe easy, inhale, exhale, relax within your friends, co-workers, colleagues, bosses, superiors, teammates, with romantic interests and take that short drive from the Makati Business District to Isla.