Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Your Guide to Manila's Car Parts Mecca

Car maintenance is a grueling activity. Trying to fit your budget for parts and looking for a reliable and honest service provider are critical parts of the ordeal. It's bane or bust. It can hurt either your pocket or time can simply just go to waste.
For those who plan to trek to Banawe, Quezon City- the mecca for car parts – surplus, replacement or OEM grade - and , accessories, and service maintenance in Manila for decades, it's a rustbuckets' marketplace.
I've maintained a 1998 Honda CRV A/T, which had vast amounts of engine, transmission and under chassis troubles. I was lucky to have some information to avoid those shady vultures and petty parts mercenaries, which i'd like to share with you.
For reasonably priced and a wide array of original or replacement spare parts, you can check out Sprint Auto Supply and Services, Inc. at 191 Banawe and Agno Sts. Quezon City with Telephone Nos. 7438286, 4128800 or 7113535. You can also have your parts installed by their authorized service personnel (note: only deal with personnel wearing dark blue Sprint shirts).
For reliable, great quality Surplus Parts and Engines, there is CKD Japan Surplus Parts located at 189 Banawe and Agno Sts. (beside Sprint) with telephone nos. 740-5208, 712-2993, 740-4509. 
Alex Bulaong in the Zone
Looking for a trustworthy Automatic Transmission specialist, Alex Bulaong is THE MAN.
 Located at #34 Kaliraya and Cadiz Sts. (Dona Josefa, Banawe Area) Quezon City, this guy is the guru that eats, sleep, drink Auto Tranny.
 Open from Monday-Sunday from 8AM until 5PM (Tel. No. 7496586 or 09185132591), Alex can fix and locate automatic transmission parts for Japanese, American and some European brand cars.
Dismantling an A/T is tough. Alex, a natural grease monkey, has an army of mechanics (Roger-head mechanic, Big Mac, Ram and Jeffrey and Jessie as helpers) to pull-down and install your tranny within two hours.
Watch while you wait as Alex, tinkers, inspects for damage and cleans your tranny.  With all the man hours in consideration, your car can be ready within 6 hours. 
Tip: check in your vehicle at around 7AM, so by 2PM same day you'll be done.
 For problems regarding their hood release handle on a 1st Generation CRV, an original Honda hood cable cost PhP1,850.00.
If you want confirmation on a replacement cable from Hi-Lex Cable Corporation and you can't bring in the sample that cost PhP950.00 if it would fit or not, the answer is, Yes.  Same goes with the A/T cable.  They fit perfectly like an original.